Learn to Skydive Solo

Learn to Skydive Solo

San Jose Skydiving Center is pleased to announce that we are now offering skydiving certification courses - San Jose Integrated Student Program (ISP) for those wishing to learn to skydive solo and earn their skydiving license in the Bay Area.

Please note that the price listed below is if the course is paid for in full after your training tandem skydive.

San Jose Integrated Student Program (ISP)

This 18 jump program is the most progressive program in the world! It instructs where other programs fall short. Similar programs have inspired USPA's requirements for self-supervision thus producing more competent and confident skydivers. This curriculum allows you, the student, to progress at your own rate in a supportive rather than stressful environment by providing individualized attention. Through this program you also learn equipment inspection, freefall, canopy flight, and packing.

It's 25 jumps to an A license and jumping with all your new friends! Every jump you do here at San Jose Skydiving Center counts toward those 25 jumps - including your tandems!

We taught the AFF program for a decade and saw many students getting lost by the wayside. After they finished their student jumps, they just didn't know what to do. At San Jose Skydiving Center, we don't leave students hanging.

A similar program was developed at Skydive Chicago (one of the most successful drop zones in the country). This program has been adopted by the elite drop zones in the country; those seeking to promote the progression of the sport. And that's why San Jose Skydiving Center adopted its own version of this rapidly growing program on day one. You can be sure when you complete your training at San Jose Skydiving Center, you will feel part of this elite family.

- We record all solo student instructor jumps on video because it's the best learning tool to show your progression

-This program package includes ground school, instructional levels 1-18, plus 5 solo (jumps 21-25), 3-hour packing course.

-Get licensed in as little as ONE week, or do it over the course of a summer

So why do we require 2 tandem jumps prior to beginning the course? The 1st tandem gets any fear out of the way and adjusts you to the experience. This will also help build on your background knowledge before taking the ground class.

The 2nd tandem teaches you dive flow, turns, and canopy control. You are not just being sent out blind - confidence is the KEY to success in skydiving!

The ground class takes 7-8 hours, this includes your first solo jump weather permitting, so plan to spend the entire day with us. Topics in class include but not limited to: introductions to instructors, students, facilities, aircraft, freefall dive flow, malfunctions, landings, emergency protocols, and gear use and care. The first few jumps you do with the instructor holding on to you in freefall, and then we talk you down on radio - each jump builds off the last. You must make 1 jump every 30 days on student status to keep current.

If you are looking only to make one solo jump, then this program is not for you. We believe in the experience. We want to generate the best possible skydivers. We want you to know your limits and then exceed them. Come feel the difference!