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Have questions about skydiving Santa Cruz and San Jose? Great news, you've come to the right place!

It's normal to have a lot of questions prior to making your first skydive. We want you to feel comfortable and confident when you arrive for your jump, so we've compiled a list of answers to our most commonly asked questions about skydiving at San Jose Skydiving Center.

View the FAQs below to find answers to our most frequently asked questions about tandem skydiving in San Jose, CA. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please feel free to contact us!

General Questions

How do I find your location?

Our physical address is 13030 Murphy Avenue, San Martin, CA 95046. Finding us is easy! Look at the directions on our website for turn by turn directions.


Can I purchase food at Skydive San Jose?

We do not offer snack bar facilities. All guests are encouraged to eat normally prior to their jumps. Guests are also encouraged to bring snacks to the DZ.


Are pets permitted at San Jose Skydiving Center?

For the safety of your pets and others, pets are not permitted.


Should I eat before a jump?

Yes, it is strongly recommended that all of our guests eat a regular meal prior to arrival. Many don't eat because they're concerned about getting sick. The reality is that those that don't eat tend to feel nauseated because of low blood sugar. So, please eat a normal meal and be hydrated for the best experience.


What is the phone number to make a reservation?

Our phone number is (408) 759-0801.


Is there an age restriction to make a skydive?

All participants must be at least 18 years of age. Parental consent for those under 18 will not be permitted.


Do I need an ID?

Yes, a government-issued, photo identification is required at check-in.


Is there an age limit to making a skydive?

There is not an age limit. Limitations are based on physical fitness.


Are reservations required to make a skydive?

Reservations are preferred as we are unable to guarantee walk-ups.


Is skydiving safe?

Skydiving is a dangerous activity. At San Jose Skydiving Center, your safety is our first priority. Our professional staff strives to make your experience both thrilling and safe.


Have questions not covered here?

No problem! Contact us!


What cities do you service?
  • Closest skydiving to San Jose
  • Closest skydiving to Mountain View
  • Closest skydiving to Palo Alto
  • Closest skydiving to San Francisco
  • Closest skydiivng to Fremont


First Jump Questions

What Should I Wear?

We'd like you to wear comfortable clothing which allows you to be comfortable with outside temperatures. Tee shirts, jeans and sneakers are ideal. If the temperatures are chilly, we recommend wearing layered clothing as opposed to bulky jackets. No flip flops or open toe shoes.


Should I arrive earlier than my scheduled time?

Your reservation time is your check-in time. No need to show up any earlier, but please don't be late!


The weight restriction is 230lbs... how strict are you about that?

Due to the regulations set forth by our manufacturers and out of concern for safety, individuals who weigh more than 230lbs will not be permitted to skydive. The weight takes into account individuals wearing clothing and shoes.


If I have friends wishing to observe, can they come out to watch?

Yes! Bring out as many people as you wish!


Is it standard to tip your instructor?

Tipping is always appreciated, but not expected.


If I have a small camera (GoPro), can I take it with me on my skydive?

Cameras are not permitted. The USPA mandates that only individuals with more than 200 jumps can carry a camera during a skydive. There are no exceptions to this rule.


Should I bring anything?

Yes, feel free to bring snacks and drinks and an extra layer of clothing if it's chilly out. Bear in mind, it will be much cooler at jump altitude than ground temperatures. Also, be sure to bring a government-issued, photo identification to verify age on the date of your jump.


Is alcohol permitted at the dropzone?

Alcohol is not permitted during operational hours.


How fast will I be falling?

You'll be falling at terminal velocity which is about 120mph.


Will I be able to breathe in free fall?

Yes, you will be able to breathe.


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