Top Reasons to Skydive

Published: November 3, 2020

Many people come up with reasons why they shouldn't skydive, but seldom do you hear the reasons why you should. If Mom or Dad are questioning your sanity, here are some perfectly good reasons why you should "jump out of a perfectly good airplane!"

1. Empowerment

Skydiving is empowering. Once you've jumped out of an airplane and loved it, what else can't you do? The truth about skydiving is there's a lot of anxiety leading to the jump; you'll think about jumping everyday between the time of booking and arriving at our center. The cool part is that once you do it, you realize it's so much more fun and enjoyable than you thought. Once you tick skydiving off the list, you'll be asking yourself, "What's the next thing I want to achieve?" Stepping out of your comfort zone once will empower you to continue trying new things in the future.

2. Achievement

If there was no risk involved with making a skydive, then it wouldn't feel like you achieved anything. To face your fear and overcome it, that's an achievement. Without the challenge, skydiving would be like a roller coaster ride... it's fun, but you don't feel like you achieved anything from the ride.

3. Perspective

Do you have stress in your life? A skydive will put your stress in perspective. As you soar under canopy looking out at the world below you, you'll recognize that life isn't as bad as you thought it was... and that is a good feeling. Furthermore, when making a skydive you'll truly be present in the moment - there is no room for thinking or worrying, just experiencing the moment you're in. You'll never find a time where you're living in the moment more than skydiving. Financial worries, health issues, family problems... from the time you exit the airplane to the time you land, nothing else matters!

4. Overcoming Fears

Too often people don't do things because they're scared. To us, that's no way to live. The beauty of overcoming anything is to force yourself out of your comfort zone. Skydiving forces all of us out of our comfort zones and we're better for it!

5. Incredible Happiness

Scientifically, your brain is going to be exploding with dopamine and seratonin and all kinds of happy, natural chemicals that will make you feel amazing! Prepare to have the TIME OF YOUR LIFE!!!!

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