Things To Do San Jose: The Adrenaline List

Published: December 2, 2020

Things To Do San Jose: The Adrenaline List

Do you love adventure? Chances are if you're on our website, you do! We love air sports, so here's our favorite list of air adventures in the area.

Mission Soaring Center

Perfectly located just south of San Jose, the Mission Soaring Hang Gliding School has been a leader in the hang gliding community since 1973 and offers professional training with fully supplied high tech gear and stunning views. The dedicated staff at Mission Soaring Center have over 200 years accumulative experience and are ready to give lessons to anyone from complete novices to advanced hang gliders.

Professor Muldoon's Hot Air Balloons

Go on the adventure of a lifetime with Professor Muldoon's Hot Air Balloon rides - float peacefully in the gentle breeze for an hour as the early morning sun warms the wicker basket suspended beneath the brightly colored balloon. After landing you can enjoy a champagne reception to complete your memorable day.

Professor Muldoon's Hot Air Balloons is a perfect day out for families, couples or groups alike.

Lift Paragliding

At Lift Paragliding school you can take a course of lessons to learn to fly by yourself or go on a basic instructional tandem flight over the mountains or ocean. With an array of programs on offer from one-day fundamental lessons to advanced paragliding coaching, you will learn from the best instructors in a scenic environment, using the highest quality training equipment. Lift Paragliding aims to provide up to date knowledge to make every lesson safe, fun and productive.

Bay Area Glider Rides

Open all year round, Bay Area Glider Rides endeavor to serve glider pilots and soaring fanatics all through the greater Bay Area. With picturesque views of the valley and mountains, Bay Area Glider Rides offer professional flight instruction to take you from complete beginner to solo flyer. You can also train to get your commercial glider or certified flight instructor certificate or even opt for additional instruction in cross-country soaring or glider aerobics.

Aerodynamic Aviation Flight Training

Aerodynamic Aviation has been training people to fly since 1960. With a team of qualified instructors and a range of different aircraft, you can learn to fly from scratch, begin aerobatic lessons or try out tail-wheel aircraft whilst increasing your skill and confidence as a pilot. With incredibly high quality safety standards, Aerodynamic Aviation is an easy and affordable place to start falling in love with flying.

Max G Aviation - Aerobatic Flying

Focusing on advanced maneuver training and Aerobatics in a safe, fun and communal setting with an ever-growing group of members, Max G Aviation is an exceptional flying center in the perfect location. The center prides itself on using war bird type as well as tail-wheel and aerobatic aircraft in which you can take a course in formation flying, aerobatics, Upset Recovery training and back-country bush flying. With something on offer for pilots of all skill levels, learn from the best, highly qualified instructors at Max G Aviation.

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