Why Is There a Skydiving Weight Limit?

Published: April 26, 2021

Why is There a Skydiving Weight Limit?

When people find out there is a weight limit in skydiving, they can get the wrong idea. Some people think it's an arbitrary limit and that we can flex on it (we can't). Some people believe that it's unfair and may feel very disappointed that they're being prevented from jumping.

The reality is that we are here for the purpose of sharing the sport we love with as many people as possible. We hate to leave anyone on the ground!

But at the same time, we have a responsibility to keep everyone as safe as we can and to deliver remarkable experiences every time. Here, we'll explain why the 230-pound weight limit in skydiving exists.

1) We care about your safety

Whenever you're defying gravity, safety has to be the main concern.

As with anything in aviation, skydiving is restricted by strict weight limits. The aircraft and the parachutes we use have been tested to strict weight limits, and we know that going beyond those limits significantly impacts safety.

For the aircraft, the maximum weight limit exists to make sure we can safely take off, and safely land.

For the parachutes, we need to adhere to "wing loading" guidelines, which basically means that every square foot of parachute is approved to carry a certain amount of weight - which includes you, your instructor and all the equipment. Going above that weight limit is potentially very dangerous.

It's not just about the airplane and the parachute. The weight limit is also about making sure you're comfortable. The equipment is designed to fit up to a certain weight, and anything beyond that is just going be very uncomfortable and potentially unsafe.

By adhering to the weight limit, we can be much more confident of an enjoyable, safe experience - that's better for everyone involved.

2) We care about our staff

Our staff is really important to us. While you might be doing a one-off jump, our staff skydive for a living and jump multiple times every day. We have a responsibility to keep them safe and comfortable too, which is the second reason for the skydiving weight limit.

Consider that our instructors have to have you attached to them, hanging on their harness throughout the skydive, under parachute, and for landing. When we adhere to the weight limit, our instructors can operate the equipment efficiently and perform soft landings that protect both instructor and student. When we go over the weight limit, we make the jump and the landing much more difficult, which puts everyone at risk.

3) We're not going anywhere

As well as the vital safety considerations, we know skydiving can be an awesome incentive for anyone who is over the weight limit who wants to get under it.

And we'll be right here when you're ready to make your skydive. We've been welcoming first-time jumpers here for many years, and we love nothing more than taking people up and seeing their reaction to the sport we love first hand.

If you're ready to do so, you can book online now. Got questions about any other skydiving restrictions? Feel free to contact our friendly team if you're unsure about anything.

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