Tandem Skydiving: What You Need to Know

Published: June 22, 2021

Whether you are preparing for an upcoming tandem skydiving experience with us or are still deciding whether you have what it takes, we've put together our top skydiving tips for what to know before you go. Ready? Here we go!

1. It's Not as Scary as You Think.

Sure, tandem skydiving is scary! However, know this: the anticipation of freefall is much scarier than the experience itself. Over the many years we've been welcoming new jumpers into the sky, most tell us that scariest couple of seconds passed during the moment they were standing in the door. Once they were in freefall, they insist that the experience was quite peaceful, and the sense of freedom overwhelming!

2. Tandem Skydiving is Safer Than It's Ever Been.

The modern sport of skydiving has an excellent safety record, and it continually improves those numbers. For instance: In the U.S. in 2014, the United States Parachute Association recorded just 24 fatal sport skydiving accidents out of roughly 3.2 million jumps. That's 0.0075 fatalities per 1,000 skydives--the lowest rate in the sport's history. Tandem skydiving boasts an even better safety record, with 0.003 student fatalities per 1,000 tandem jumps over the past decade. That's safer than commuting to work or walking outside in a lightning storm!

At the San Jose Skydiving Center, you have the additional confidence of knowing that our equipment is meticulously maintained, and our extensively trained instructors--with a minimum of 500 jumps apiece--are all licensed, eminently qualified and personally interested in the safety of your skydive.

3. It Doesn't Feel Like You're Falling.

Does your stomach drop on a roller coaster? Mine, too. Guess what? That doesn't happen on a skydive. Though you're moving downward at 120 miles an hour, the pressure of air in freefall makes it feel like you're being supported on a cushion of air, not falling--and you won't even have a sense of that speed, as you would if you were traveling at 120mph on a roadway. You won't even experience the nail-biting ground rush, as the ride in under the parachute is nice and gentle.

4. Two Words: Photo Documentation.

We hear it every day: tandem skydiving is something you've just gotta get on film (well, y'know, digital media, since it ain't 1995 anymore). The jumpers that arrange for a photographer/videographer on their jump are, without exception, thrilled that they did. And the jumpers who didn't? They're bummed to be left with only flashes of those incredible memories.

5. You Need to Do a Little Prep Before You Jump.

Don't worry--it's not extensive. You do, however, have a little homework to do to make sure you're lined up for the best possible first-time tandem skydiving experience. All you have to do is eliminate preventable stresses.

Prevent low blood sugar by eating normally (this will help keep you from getting sick or dizzy). Make sure you arrive hydrated but don't hit the caffeine too hard. (Trust us: freefall is the very best energizer!) Wear layers. Rock some sturdy, lace-up shoes. Finally, on the day of your jump, schedule plenty of time to get to us, so you don't arrive flustered. Easy, right?

6. Tandem Skydiving is one of the Most Empowering Experiences You'll Ever Have.

I mean--once you've jumped out of a plane a couple miles up in the sky, what can't you do? New skydivers consistently report that the jump has made them the happiest they've been in years. It's all about endorphins and serotonin, baby.

Don't You Want to Feel That, Too?

We'd love to show you just how good it feels to fly! For skydiving in Santa Cruz, San Jose or anywhere in the Bay area, San Jose Skydiving Center is an excellent choice! Book your tandem skydive today or contact a member our team with any questions you might have.