Are Skydiving Videos Worth the Cost?

Published: October 19, 2020

Sticker shock? Yeah, we get it.

Making a skydive at a professional, responsible skydiving center with excellent facilities and a top-shelf staff is already something of an expensive proposition. A lot of folks look at the additional cost of a video and think that's an easy place to save a few bucks. While we completely understand the feeling, you should know that it's doing yourself a serious disservice to forego this key element of a first-time skydive. Here's why.

1. You Don't Like Living With Regret.

In this life, some opportunities only come around once. Pretty much any big thing you do for the first time counts here--any accomplishment met, especially if you didn't think at the outset that you could achieve it.

Would you graduate without having someone snap a photo or two of you in your cap and gown? Would you get married without bothering to commit to film (or digital) an image of you and your new life partner in all your wedding-day finery? Would you welcome a new baby into the world without at least one photo of the brand-new human wrapped up in a pair of exhausted, elated arms? Would you deny your kid a first-day-of-school picture, complete with a brand-new backpack and a nervous grin? Totally doubt it. Allow yourself this luxury--this photo of a first time you'll never repeat, even if you make jump after jump after jump afterward.

2. You Don't Like To Keep The Best Experiences Of Your Life To Yourself.

When something awesome happens, you want to shout it from the rooftops. Right? When you've made some stride in your life; when you've become part of a fantastic new partnership; when you've done something that you set out to do...heck, when you've made a particularly good-looking dinner, you'll probably commit an image of that comely plate to Instagram.

When you've made that first skydive, you're going to want to tell the world about it. You're going to want to announce it to your friends, co-workers, parents, children, book-club members, enemies, tennis buddies, classmates, crossfitters and anyone lucky enough to be stuck next to you in traffic. You'll feel the thundering desire rise up in you the moment your feet touch the ground. If you didn't make sure to book that video package before you jumped, that's a bad feeling. If you did? Nothing could be more whoop-whoop.

3. You Like To Know That Your Money Is Well-spent.

You probably haven't thought much about it, but believe us when we say that it is a challenging job to be a freefall instructor/photographer.

Someone who can take excellent photos and video during the course of a skydive is a talented, skilled, experienced professional indeed. That person, of course, needs to be super-handy with a camera--so much is obvious. But y'know what else? They need to be a darn good skydiver, too.

They need to have the ability to maintain situational awareness with such precision that they can look directly into your smiling eyes while falling at 120 miles per hour. They need to be able to frame the image while they're being whipped by wind and thinking about the rapidly descending altitude. None of this is anything approaching easy, and our instructor/videographers do it with a great big smile. We love and honor our crew of top-notch videographers, and we compensate them accordingly.

Does it make a little more sense now? Take a look at our gallery to see the gorgeous images our magnificent camera people have taken--and picture yourself in our sky. We'd love to make sure you'll have a record of this red-letter moment in your personal history.

Let's make pretty pictures together! View information on our skydiving video services or contact us with any questions you have.