How to Become a Skydiver

How to Become a Skydiver

Published: January 16, 2017

How To Become a Skydiver

For some, skydiving is a once in a lifetime experience. For others, it's a lifetime hobby, through which they meet new friends, learn, progress and even compete.

People who choose to become a qualified skydiver do so because they love it so much the first time they try it, or it's something they've always wanted to try. Whether you've made a tandem skydive or you've never jumped before, here's everything you need to know to answer the question, how to become a skydiver!

Becoming a skydiver: your first step

The first step to becoming a skydiver is to find a skydiving center that can help you learn.

Here at San Jose, we love to welcome new skydivers. Our team of instructors are fully qualified in teaching people to skydive.

When looking for a skydiving center, be sure to find out about the qualifications of its staff. The USPA, which is an organization that provides guidance to skydiving centers, is the best-known organization of its kind; finding a USPA center with USPA qualified instructors is a good way to go.

You'll also need to think about practicalities like location. Skydiving is an awesome sport and you're going to want to do it lots! Finding a center which is conveniently located for you is important. It's also worth checking the skydiving center out before booking your lessons; go for the day, meet the staff, speak to the regular jumpers and get a feel for the vibe. After all, you'll be spending plenty of time there once you qualify!

Become a skydiver through AFF

The most popular way to learn to skydive in the US is through a system called AFF.

AFF stands for 'accelerated freefall'. Its popularity comes from the speed with which students can progress through the 'levels' and the fact that you jump from maximum altitude from the very first jump.

The AFF program is split into a series of 'levels'. Each level is designed to teach you a new skill and to hone your existing skills.

From second jump, you can wear your own parachute. You'll jump with an instructor who will hold on to you, to help ensurethat you fall in a stable position. As you progress, your instructors start to let go of you and let you fly free. In later levels, you jump completely by yourself.

At the end of the program, you'll be a qualified skydiver. This means you can jump on your own. When you have a USPA license, you can also jump around the world at drop zones where your rating is recognized. It's the key to starting your skydiving career.

Are you ready to become a skydiver?

Are you ready to become a skydiver? You can learn to skydive with us at San Jose. Find out more today!